Walking Tour

Walking Tour during your stay in villa Riang – Guest house is the Right Choice, surrounded the guest house is very famous of the Ricefields andTtropical plants. putu Artana, husband of Ria is a guide for the walking tour into the countryside and the Ricefield, he will not only guide you to show you the path but he will explain about the nature, plants, ricefarming, see daily local life in the countryside. here below is the Description about the Walking tour is named ” Mayong Cultural Walk”

Mayong Cultural Walk

Mayong Cultural Walk is the walking tour into the countryside, the ricefield  observe the daily local life activities. the walking tour will start at 9 am departure from the villa Riang.

on Mayong Cultural Walk you will experience;

Countryside and Ricefield Walk

Ricefield is the most scenic panorama for tourist but for us rice is our main food and the major commodity, farming rice is very unique


Ricefield is the  most scenic panorama for tourist attractive  but for us rice is our main food and the major commodity, farming ricefield is very unique and lot of work, in this shot walk you will learn about how the process of farming rice paddy.

Vegetation and Tropical Plants

Bali is rich of the local vegetation and tropical plant such as clove, rambutan, avocado, coffee, jack fruit, cashew, cocoa, mangosteen and many more along the way walk we pass  through to the nature you will see encounter of tropical plants.

Observe local life in the countryside

observe the local life in the countryside is very interesting instead of observe the breathtaking panorama of the ricefields and the countryside where you can see and feel  the real local life.

Introducing Medicine plants, Herbs and Spices

Natural medicine is the basic knowledge of the local people in the countryside as their  heritages, while the natural medical pharmacy quiet expensive they still use the herbs and you will observe some kind of natural plant use for daily preventive medication.

After the Walking tour into the countryside and Ricefields to lost your weight, Ria will waiting us for our arrival for Balinese lunch ala Ria.

Balinese Lunch Ala Ria

Balinese Cooking Ala Ria is Cooking By Ria, her talents to cook base on use fresh ingredients  spicies in her own style, special recepiest and made with love.

What we can serve from our small kitchen with our Big heart?

  • we can arrange your meal if you have any allergy
  • Children favorite ala Ria
  • No MSG on the food
  • Fresh ingredient
  • Local dishes in western standard
  • Surprise meal for your lunch after the hike

Base of fresh balinese ingredients we use:

  • Galanga
  • Kencur
  • Candle nut
  • Lemon grass
  • Kaffer lime

and other  special recepiest by Ria, a home made Authentic Balinese lunch of course it cooked by western standards and will included the Authentic bumbu bali ( Balinese foods ingredients) fresh produce from the local markets and absolutely free of MSG (Monosodium Glutamate).

Enjoy Balinese Lunch Ala Ria

Following the walking tour we return to our home for lunch which has been prepared by Ria, she is an excellent cook and all the food made with Love.