Cooking Participate

Make traditional balinese spice ( Bumbu Bali) and how to make a balinese dishes with Ria and enjoy the foods you made.


  • Visit a local market provide a fascinating insight into the culture of bali, see the balinese daily activities and selecting fruit, vegetables,and spicies that use for cooking

Cooking Menu:

Regular Menu with Meat

  • Sup Ayam Ala Ria ( Chicken soup base of Ria’s recepies
  • Satay ayam manis ( Sweet chicken satay ala Ria)
  • Kare Ayam ( Chicken Curry Ala Ria )
  • Temple Manis ( Deep fried tempe with soya sauce)

Vegetarian Menu without Meat

  • Soup Sayur ( Vegetable soup ala Ria)
  • Uraban Bali ( Balinese vegtable salad with spices)
  • Sup Tahu ( Tofu soup)