VILLA RIANG -Guest House is the Cultural Holiday House where is a place for cultural local experience holiday, Located in Mayong village 19 Km south east of Central Lovina Beach North Bali.

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The Villa Riang – Experience!:

Walking Tour into the Ricefield, Countryside, observe the local daily life in Mayong Village

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Cooking Participate Experience with Ria for your Dinner

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Interaction with Guests

During your stay you will be pampered by our hostess Ria, she is a very good English speaker and has many years of experience in managing a holiday home. Ria lives next door to the Guest house with her family, this way Ria can be at your service when needed, Ria will make your visit to Bali unforgettable. on arrival at the guest house you are welcomed by Ria, she guide you around the Guest house and answer any queries you might have. Ria can prepare your lunch and dinner at your request. you can discuss and arrange the times and the type of food with her, she can arrange your groceries at your own cost. of course it is also possible to do your own cooking